The small print


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Sikhi Camp is a well organised, enjoyable experience for everyone including campers, organisers and site personnel. To ensure Sikhi Camp runs successfully we ask everyone to abide by these basic set of rules:

  • Campers must not possess, use or distribute/sell any intoxicants including tobacco and alcohol.
  • Any area of the camp site which is gender-designated i.e. fe/male only, should be abided by. Males must not enter female only areas and vice-versa.
  • Any offensive, abusive behaviour towards anyone including fellow campers, volunteers or site personnel will not be tolerated and such campers will be expelled from Sikhi Camp.
  • No pets/animals are allowed.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off during camp activities.
  • Any deliberate damage to any equipment, security systems, Health & Safety precautionary equipment etc will lead to immediate expulsion from Sikhi Camp and liability for payment for any damage caused.
  • Any visitors i.e. parents/guardian are welcome to visit with prior agreement with the Administration Coordinator. The length of stay will be for a maximum of one night. Visitors will be charged at the rate of ¬£30 per night per person.
  • Campers are not permitted to bring their own cars unless prior agreement has been given by the Administration Coordinator.
  • Sikhi Camp will not be liable for any missing items, we therefore advise that you bring a lockable suitcase.
  • No persons may enter or leave the camp site without prior permission for safety reasons.
  • The use of aerosol deodorants is prohibited as they can set off fire/smoke detectors. If there is a false alarm due to disobeying this, the responsible party will be fined by the camp site.
  • The camp site may have their own rules and regulations which you must follow also, this will be made clear to you on your first day of Sikhi Camp.
  • Sikhi Camp reserves the right to change the programme of events as reasonably necessary.
  • Sikhi Camp reserves the right to dismiss any participant for improper dress, conduct, language, attitude or behaviour which, in the judgement of the disciplinary committee is deemed to be detrimental to other participants√≠ experience and/or the success of the camp.
  • Sikhi Camp will not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury to the property or personal belongings of the camper.
  • Campers will be responsible to the owners of the venue for any cost of damage to the premises, equipment or related property.
  • Campers may be liable to Sikhi Camp for any deliberate damage to property that is supplied to them for use at Sikhi Camp.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure accidents do not occur, however Sikhi Camp cannot accept liability for any injury incurred as a result of such an accident. Any concerned person is advised to take out adequate personal insurance for the duration of the Sikhi Camp.

Any breach of the guidelines set above can result in immediate expulsion from the camp site/Sikhi Camp without refund. Campers in breach of the above guidelines will have to make their own travel arrangements to get back home on the same day and cover these costs themselves.