Sikhi Camp Alumni: Parting messages…

“I enjoyed everything and it has helped change my life! It was excellent and very inspiring. Thank you all so much!” (male:16)

“I was amazed at how friendly everyone was. I really felt like part of a family. Lecturers were hilarious! Wicked! And so so intelligent. I have taken SO much from the camp and I have BOSS to thank and Waheguru. I will stop drinking and eating meat. You guys have opened my eyes. God bless you all” (Male:25)

“I felt that the camp was a truly amazing experience, allowing plenty of opportunities to learn more about sikhi in order to implement in my daily life. Keertan divans and amritvela was blissful. The amount of pyar and sharda sevadaars had for Maharaaj was immense.” (Female: 19)

“I really enjoyed the whole camp experience. It has made me come alive again and i have felt things that i thought i would never feel!” (Female:20)

“I found this camp absolutely amazing. After i came last year i found it the best experience i’d ever had but this years camp topped last years. The experience was truly amazing, I can’t put it into words how amazing it is to be in this type of Sangat. Beautiful. Would be even better if it went on for longer than a week.” (Male:21)

“Back to basics is the basis of Sikhi. Perfect for anyone of any spiritual level.” (Male: 24)

“Was very interesting and an emotional journey for definite. Keep it up! Its always so uplifting to see and be with so much Chardi Kala Sangat.” (Female:17)

“Camp was brilliant – enjoyed by all and there was a load to take away and think about, Thank you!” (female: 16)

“The divans put me on the right path and i thought the kirtan was done magnificently. I feel as though I am more spiritual than ever before. Learnt a lot of shabads and the translations helped too!” (male: 17)

“Keep up the efforts as it provides a life changing/inspiring experience!” (Female: 23)

“Was a really good camp, I really enjoyed myself.” (female: 16)

“The camp was an absolutely brilliant experience! Everything was carried out to a high standard and I was lucky to be a part of it…” (Male: Aged 18)

“Venue was excellent and very good to be around. Also great to meet various Gursikhs who do inspire a lot.” (Male: 28)

“Would like to thank all the sevadaars and organisers for creating this awakening opportunity. I think it really makes a difference and its so inspiring to be in the sangat of Chardi Kala Khalsas!” (Female:20)

“Camp was really good. Enjoyed it thoroughly!” (Female:43)

“Overall excellent camp. Discussions were excellent. Very impressed with the knowledge of the sevadaars. Keep up the good work!”(Male:29)

“On the whole an amazing week. Very informative lectures and extremely strong spiritual vibes during divan sessions/kirtans.” (Male:19)

“Excellent camp. Had a great time and met some great people. Such a shame we have to leave – learnt so much, definitely coming back next year!” (Male:17)

“It was an enlightening experience, I felt really close to God and it’s filled a void in my life. Everyone was very loveable!” (Female:17)

“I truly wish others can benefit i.e. from universities as our generation hardly attend their local gurdwara. Think alot of people need that persistence from friends who have been to sikhi camp before. We need to educate our brothers and sisters!!! I’m going to try my hardest and massive thank you for continuing BOSS camp over so many years.” (Male:20)


Various Ex Sikhi Campers, Spiritual seekers