In 2005 I went to Sikhi camp. Prior to this, I was born into a Sikh family but knew little of Sikh tenets and history. No one in my family was a practising Sikh.


I still remember when I first got on to the coach from Southall to the camp site in 2005, I had short hair and didn’t even have a kara. I spent the rest of the journey worrying about if I would get told off for not having a kara! Contrary to my presumptions, when I got to the camp, I was surrounded by love and positivity.


The camp was my first immersion in the message of the Guru. It was a life changing experience and something which I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t been before. See you there!


Harbir Singh at Sikhi Camp 2005

Harbir Singh with one of our Sevadaar: Bhurvinder Singh at BOSS Sikhi Camp in 2005


Harbir Singh, Osteopath

Sikhi camper writes...

Sikhi Camp quote 2

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Suki’s Sikhicamp story

Sukhi Kaur - Leeds Cookie Monster, Sikhi Camper 2011
Overall Stats

BOSS Sikhi Camp has been running since 1996.

Each year, on average, 70% of those who attend have come for the first time

Over 65% are non-baptised Sikhs or non-Sikhs looking to discover more about the faith.

At the last camp 99%* of those who attended said they would definitely recommend Sikhi Camp to their family and friends.

(*192 Sikhi Camp attendees surveyed)

Sikhi Camp, http://www.sikhicamp.org