Reasons to attend


SC13 Top 6 reasons to apply


“It might just change your life…”

Here is one of our campers from Sikhi Camp 2011. She talks about her experiences and what to expect. If you’re not sure if BOSS Sikhi Camp is for you then definitely take a few minutes out to watch this…

Must watch video folks!


“Take time out to Discover your Guru”

BOSS Sikhi Camp is all about finding out who Guru Granth Sahib Jee is and taking the opportunity to build a relationship of love. It really is the essence of Sikhi Camp and thousands will attest to it. Why not think about applying? There’s nothing much to lose and potentially lots to gain! Connect with your Guru


“Come Dine with Us”

Okay, so admittedly this reason is a bit tongue in cheek but we all have to eat, so why not?! Come to Sikhi Camp for the best of Eastern and Western food. Let’s sit together and experience the equality of Guru Amar Das Jee’s Langar…

Take the opportunity at camp to prepare and serve Langar in a friendly, non-judgmental environment. So apply today at and come dine with us! Come dine with us!


“Meet New Friends, Learn New Skills and Serve…”

Over 80% of Sikhi Camper’s attending are coming for the first time and around 65% are new to the path of Sikhi.

This means the atmosphere of camp is a welcoming, non-judgemental and open one. Everyone’s friendly and we’re all learning new skills and carrying out different seva jobs for the first time. So if you’re worried BOSS Sikhi Camp 2014 might not be for you, then just take the plunge and give it a go – you won’t regret it… Seva at Sikhi Camp


“Chill out with some awesome group activities!”

BOSS Sikhi Camp 2014 is an great place to explore yourself, meet like minded people and connect with your soul. Stretching yourself physically as well as mentally and spiritually is a big part of camp and that’s where the afternoon activities come in! † Have you always wanted to try your hand at archery? Canoe across some Welsh lakes? Chill out at the beach with the sea lapping at your ankles? How about a little footy or a bit of art? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play a vaja or wondered how you would look if you tied a turban? Well our (hopefully sunny!) afternoons will be the time! † Come join us in the great Welsh outdoors! Activities


“The overall experience is indescribable…”

It is said that a picture can say a thousand words. Well how about a whole big fat collection of them?

Check out the final 2 minute video with your speakers up and enjoy the shiver it sends down your spine… Some things money can’t buy and words can’t describe – they have to be just experienced.