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Sikhi Camp is organised under the umbrella of BOSS (British Organisation of Sikh Students). BOSS has been working with young students across the country for over the last 25+ years primarily via Sikh Societies, as well as organising other events such as talks, fun days and camps for young children, conferences, exhibitions, inter-faith work and providing free literature.

Sikhi Camp is organised and delivered by volunteers. The vast majority of our volunteers are young British Sikh students and professionals who understand the needs of young Sikhs in the UK today. Many of our volunteers have attended camp in the past and having been greatly inspired and moved by the experience, now help to organise the week. No one is paid a wage and all camp fees go into the actual cost of running the camp.

Sikhi Camp takes place each year and is a 6 day residential based retreat. This Sikh camp for adults aims to attract people who may not know much about their faith but wish to learn more in a friendly and non-judgemental environment. Due to language or cultural barriers, we cannot always obtain this from the local gurdwaras and this is where Sikhi Camp steps in.

The camp aims to:

  • Lay down the basic foundation of knowledge about your faith
  • Provide you with a ‘real living’ experience of being a Sikh
  • Assist you in growing spiritually and searching internally for that connection we all long for.